RCS is the future of business messaging - combined with the omnipresence of SMS.


No App

RCS works without installation of an additional app. All you need is your customer's phone number.

Verified senders

As a verified sender with branded chat features you are creating trust and getting higher response rates.

Powerful functions

Except for multimedia formats, RCS enables responses and action templates, as well as appealing content displays.

Expand your CRM, ERP and other systems by integrating them with our messaging platform including RCS and offer your target groups a new high-quality service.


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RCS complements SMS, which is still very popular in business messaging, with rich content and functions.

With RCS you can bring interactive mobile experiences to the native SMS app of all smartphone users.

RCS Boardingpass

The look and feel of the RCS texts, channels and feed comes from your corporate identity.

This way the recipients can immediately recognize your brand which increases the chances of them reacting to your messages and campaigns.

RCS verifizierter Sender

Simplify the interaction for your users with guided and intuitive user flows.

Content can be presented clearly in various display formats such as carousels and swipeable cards.

RCS rich-content GUI

The initial development of RCS began in 2008 with the aim of lifting the 160 characters limit of SMS messages. With the market entry of the first messenger apps, RCS became even more interesting to mobile phone providers that wanted to catch up on the multimedia capabilities of messenger apps.


Reach your customers on the channels where they are now and where they will be in the future.

Our Omnichannel Messaging platform is permanently connected to new channels and prepared for new technologies.

RCS Omnichannel

Enjoy the wide reach of SMS in combination with the functionality and visual diversity of RCS.

If the recipient’s mobile network or device does not support RCS, the message will be delivered via SMS or MMS, even without Internet access.

RCS Fallback to SMS



Seamless communication between companies and customers across all communication channels.


Our infrastructure and processes comply with the highest security and data protection guidelines.

Real-time evaluation

The status of each message is tracked and real-time statistics are displayed on the dashboard.

Let's shape the future of mobile messaging together.

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