Follow the trend away from texting and towards Voice messaging.



A lot of content is lost without the tonality. With voice messages you also convey the emotion for information.


Voice message is more personal and more credible, which is particularly popular on social channels.


Can't write your message in 140 characters? Imagine how much you can say in 140 seconds.

Expand your CRM, ERP and other systems by integrating them with our messaging platform including voice services and offer your target groups a new high-quality service.

Beratung Anfordern

Ich bin Entwickler und interessiere mich für die Schnittstellenbeschreibung. API einsehen


Voice messages make it easier to build deeper customer loyalty on a personal level.

The nuances and the emotional touch of an audio message strengthen the corporate image with your customers.

Voice Kundenbindung

With interactive voice response services you can automate routine processes and use your agents more efficiently.

Voice bots are always available – they can carry out surveys, send reminders or route inbound calls to the right agent.

Voice IVR Bots

Broadcast voice messages to potential consumers and increase the chances of success of a marketing campaign.

Inform about new offers and enable recipients to respond to your call-to-action with IVR.

Voice Broadcast

In the beginning, voice messaging was mainly used in China, because writing Chinese is extremely time-consuming. From China, it spread around the world.

Almost two thirds of the calls are less important or time-critical than the work that is interrupted.

This is precisely why services based on a voice messaging system are becoming increasingly popular with users.

Voice-Nachrichten ohne Unterbrechung

Using voice conversion, text messages can also be delivered to landline numbers.

Play it safe and have the recipient confirm that they have listened to your voice message by pressing a button.

Text-to-Voice Festnetz

We implemented the first Interactive Voice Response service in 2006.



The voice message reaches the recipient regardless of where he or she is.


Our infrastructure and processes are compliant with the highest security and data protection guidelines.

Real-time evaluation

The progress of each message is tracked and relevant statistics are displayed on the dashboard.

Personal like a phone call and efficient like an email. Use the voice messaging services that MobileTechnics offers you.

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